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Australia and New Zealand

Hybrid Series

Once a month, industry leaders in CX will be at the Chief Customer Officer Live Series. They are committed to delivering transformation strategies that will build agility, speed, intelligence and innovation.


A hub for all customer experience leaders, where you can offer insights, solutions or simply join as a silent observer!

Over 55000 members in Customer Experience
Customer Experience Live Series

Chief Customer Officer Editions

2021 Schedule

South East Asia

Upcoming dates:

CCO SEA Vol.18 - 21st Apr 2022

CCO SEA Vol.19 - 19th May 2022

CCO SEA Vol.20 - 16th Jun 2022

CCO SEA Vol.21 - 21st Jul 2022

CCO SEA Vol.22 - 18th Aug 2022

CCO SEA Vol.23 - 15th Sep 2022

CCO SEA Vol.24 - 20th Oct 2022

CCO SEA Vol.25 - 17th Nov 2022

Australia & New 

Upcoming dates:

CCO ANZ V.20 - 12 Apr 2022

CCO ANZ V.21 - 24th May 2022

CCO ANZ V.22 - 21st Jun 2022

CCO ANZ V.23 - 26th Jul 2022

CCO ANZ V.24 - 23rd Aug 2022

CCO ANZ V.25 - 20th Sep 2022

CCO ANZ V.26 - 25th Oct 2022

CCO ANZ V.27 - 22nd Nov 2022

United Kingdom

Upcoming dates:

CCO Live UK Vol.18 - 26th Apr 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.19 - 24th May 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.20 - 21st Jun 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.21 - 26th Jul 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.22 - 23rd Aug 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.23 - 20th Sep 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.24 - 25th Oct 2022

CCO Live UK Vol.25 - 22nd Nov 2022

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Aged Care Workforce:

Approaches to Achieving a Service Centric Workforce


Leveraging Technology to Enhance Service Delivery

Continuous Improvement, Change & Transformation Management: Your Path Through Transformation Followed By Culture & Organisational Change

Streamlining Processes & Consumer Centred Care Delivery

What We Talk About

An Intelligent Enterprise:

Utilising data driven innovation to create an optimised customer experience

Advanced & Predictive Data & Analytics:

Customer intimacies and digital transformations

Synergies between employee experience and customer experience

Change & Transformation Management:

Changing your data strategy to suit your customers

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