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Discussion Topic:

From Survive to Thrive: Drive organisational change and deliver business impact by putting your people at the heart of everything

A closed-door and private virtual discussion between 15 executives

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Discussion Focus:​

  • The Great Resignation Australia

  • New Models of Work: Mastering a Changing Environment

  • Moving from one point solutions to an interconnected approach


Focus Areas

  • New Models of Work

  • Employee Experience Management

  • Talent strategy

  • Interconnected Tools and Solutions
  • Critical Skills and Capabilities


Who Will Attend

12:00 PM -12:05 PM | Opening Remarks

12:05 PM -12:20 PM | Introduction

12:20 PM- 12:50 PM | Interactive Discussion & Q&A

12:50 AM - 1:00 PM | Closing Remarks & end of session

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief People Officer

  • Heads, Directors, GMs of:

       Human Resources


       Learning & Development


       Workforce Management

       Workforce Planning




2022 is an opportunity to strengthen your organization by setting it up to thrive. As HR Leaders in your organization, we are tasked with ensuring our workforce is carefully designed to drive business results. In this peer-based roundtable we will take a deep look into the current state of models of work, talent strategy and explore data and tools that we can use to fine tune or adjust our plans for the coming year.

  • The Great Resignation Australia

As we return to the office, many of us aren’t willing to go back to the same conditions we had before. According to the Microsoft report, employees want their lives back from work in a way that they had been granted during the remote work trend, arguing that ‘working to live’ and not ‘living to work’ is their ambition.


  • New Models of Work: Mastering a Changing Environment

The pandemic continues to encircle society, endangering the resiliency of businesses and the health of citizens. Human Resources plays an indispensable role in weathering this ongoing crisis, as new models of work emerge in support of employee wellbeing and advancing business outcomes. In the opening Session of the Forum, we will take time to explore the new models and methodologies HR leaders are adopting as the work environment expands beyond the traditional confines of the office. There is no doubt our expectations around work are changing – attendees will be challenged to consider how strategy and technology are aligning to reimagine the future of work and support business growth. 


  • Moving from one point solutions to an interconnected approach

As organizations around the globe re-think their approach to work and move to a hybrid model, the technology needed to support the digital workplace ecosystem has taken center stage. Disconnected business systems, however, can harm productivity and trigger unnecessary operational friction by forcing employees to utilise an ever-expanding number of digital platforms and tools to do their jobs: software apps and similar “point solutions” devoted to various, but specific tasks. Businesses must transition from traditional point solutions to more interconnected workplace platforms, benefitting from raised productivity levels and fewer incidents of workforce stress while gaining a competitive advantage.


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25 Dec 2021, 7:00 pm